And Now The Podcast… Has Briefly Paused (Apologies)

Sadly we’re unable to release an episode of the podcast this week, as a few events (plus the knock-on from previous events) continue to put us off our stride. Fear not though, we won’t be long, and are continuing to record things, it’s just that these are segments to be included in upcoming episodes, ratherContinue reading “And Now The Podcast… Has Briefly Paused (Apologies)”

Patreon Goodies Are Now Live!

Happy October, everybody! Our second series is underway, with our first episode of preview interviews relating to Grimmfest 2021 now available and another to follow in a few days’ time. (The hosts’ lives have been in tumult in recent weeks – of which you’ll have an inkling, if you’ve heard the latest episode – soContinue reading “Patreon Goodies Are Now Live!”

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