And Now The Podcast… Has Briefly Paused (Apologies)

Sadly we’re unable to release an episode of the podcast this week, as a few events (plus the knock-on from previous events) continue to put us off our stride.

Fear not though, we won’t be long, and are continuing to record things, it’s just that these are segments to be included in upcoming episodes, rather than full episodes ready for release. If you’d like to hear the segments now, rather than waiting for their release in episodic form, you can become a Patreon subscriber (we’ve even started adding the video recordings of our Zoom chats to the Patreon feed, so you can see our phizzogs).

Soon to be released on the regular podcast feed: a ‘Missed Classic’ episode on When A Stranger Calls (1979), a Questions of Horror: ‘Which Films Will We Never Watch (Again)?’, plus episodes on Hannibal Season Two, What We Do In The Shadows Season Three, Rosemary’s Baby (1968), and more.

We beg your indulgence just a little while longer… And thanks for listening.

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