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Patreon Goodies Are Now Live!

Happy October, everybody! Our second series is underway, with our first episode of preview interviews relating to Grimmfest 2021 now available and another to follow in a few days’ time. (The hosts’ lives have been in tumult in recent weeks – of which you’ll have an inkling, if you’ve heard the latest episode – soContinue reading “Patreon Goodies Are Now Live!”

Big Finish’s Survivors, Series Nine: the legacy of an apocalyptic TV classic

Please note: this piece was originally written in 2019, but it was never published (mainly because it was too bloomin’ long). Our chat about Survivors in the most recent episode of the podcast inspired Dan to put it on the blog… Most important points first: Survivors is the best series of audio dramas that BigContinue reading “Big Finish’s Survivors, Series Nine: the legacy of an apocalyptic TV classic”

Ghostwatch: An Academic Roundtable

We just wanted to give you a reminder (and an additional plug) about the event happening this week that we’ve been mentioning on the podcast recently. This Wednesday at 7pm BST, our very own Dr Stella Gaynor will be hosting an online roundtable discussion of one of our very favourite pieces of horror television, 1992’sContinue reading “Ghostwatch: An Academic Roundtable”