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Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022): the Academy’s Favourite Cult Film Not horror, but in many ways horror-adjacent, 2022’s extremely quirky sci-fi comedy-drama Everything Everywhere All At Once was announced this week to be the unlikely recipient of 11 Oscar nominations: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actress (twice), Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Score, Best Song, Best Film EditingContinue reading “Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022): the Academy’s Favourite Cult Film”

Revisitations #9: Duel (1971) (or: Second-Guessing Spielberg)

Stella and Dan have wanted for some time to discuss their love of Steven Spielberg’s 1971 cinematic debut, Duel, written by Richard Matheson.  However, they’d never seen the shorter, original intended-for-television version of the film before recording this episode, and therefore spend a lot of it speculating about what that version was like and howContinue reading “Revisitations #9: Duel (1971) (or: Second-Guessing Spielberg)”

Star Wars movies post-2017, with Sean Mason and Spider-Dan

Following up (after a few delays) on our recent Lee/Cushing episode on the Star Wars franchise, the wonderful Sean Mason returns to the podcast to discuss the more recent instalments of George Lucas’ cinematic legacy.  He is joined by another favourite returning guest, Spider-Dan of the Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores podcast. Relevant links AllContinue reading “Star Wars movies post-2017, with Sean Mason and Spider-Dan”

More Horror Music: Kirsty, Ian and Dan’s Choice Tracks

Happy New Year! As a counterpoint to the previous episode featuring Howard and Dan’s archival music chats, here, as a final flourish of Christmassyness, is a more contemporary selection from Kirsty, Ian and Dan (again).  Each of them has chosen three music tracks to talk about, which are excerpted in the episode, but you canContinue reading “More Horror Music: Kirsty, Ian and Dan’s Choice Tracks”

Fiendish failure… (or, at least, postponement) Sadly, a double misfortune has prevented us from putting out an episode this week. Dan’s illness (as heard in the last episode) has not yet gone away, so he was still too croaky to record a new episode this week. The plan was then to move an already-recorded future episode forward instead, but suddenContinue reading “Fiendish failure… (or, at least, postponement)”

Ruminating on The Cornetto Trilogy

Stella and Dan express their fandom of co-writer/star Simon Pegg, co-writer/director Edgar Wright and star Nick Frost’s horror-tinged ‘Cornetto Trilogy’, aka the comedy films Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007) and The World’s End (2013), plus the TV series they co-created with Jessica Hynes, Spaced (1999-2001). Links Spaced is currently available for streamingContinue reading “Ruminating on The Cornetto Trilogy”

Revisitations#8: Alien (1979)

We go back to the Alien franchise again, as Ian and Dan compare their personal lists of five favourite things from the 1979 classic.  We assume you’ve all seen this one, so it’s spoiler-filled from the start.  And if you haven’t seen it, stop listening to us, get yourself to Disney+ and treat yourself toContinue reading “Revisitations#8: Alien (1979)”