Patreon Goodies Are Now Live!

Happy October, everybody!

Our second series is underway, with our first episode of preview interviews relating to Grimmfest 2021 now available and another to follow in a few days’ time. (The hosts’ lives have been in tumult in recent weeks – of which you’ll have an inkling, if you’ve heard the latest episode – so it may be a while before we’re able to get back to a solid every-Friday release schedule, but we will try to keep things fairly regular.)

However, if you’re keen to have new content right now, please consider subscribing to our Patreon, which offers early access to our podcast content – and occasionally other goodies – for as little as £1 per month.

If you subscribe at ‘Lee/Cushing Devotee‘ level (£1/month), you’ll get access to the ‘Bag of Death’ segments that Howard and Dan have been recording over the summer (two of them have been added to the Patreon feed already), plus any new content we record relating to Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, weeks or months in advance of its appearance on the podcast feed.

If you subscribe at ‘Lean and Hungry Vampire‘ level (£2/month) you’ll have access to everything we record for the podcast weeks or months ahead of its release to the main feed, as well as any bonus content we produce for Patreon backers only. Currently at this level, subscribers can access:

  • The finale of Howard and Dan’s Halloween retrospective series (in which Howard, Dan, Ian and Spider-Dan discuss the 2018 Halloween film)
  • A ‘Revisitations’ discussion about 2002’s Dog Soldiers with Stella, Kirsty, Ian and Dan (in which Ian confesses his regretful history with Neil Marshall)
  • A video chat over Zoom between Dan and award-winning horror novelist Simon Clark, going into detail on Nigel Kneale’s Quatermass scripts and the impact they had on the young Simon.

If you’ve enjoyed the podcast so far, please consider supporting us and help us to cover the costs of creating new regular content. However, if you don’t feel you can part with your cash for us, we quite understand, but would ask that you support the show in any other way you can – share it, tell people about it, write us a nice review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser, say.

In the meantime, our next episode will be out soon. Watch this space!

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