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Film Stories’ Podcast of the Week!

We were honoured to be selected by the esteemed Em McGowan of Film Stories magazine and the Verbal Diorama podcast (if you don’t read or listen to either, you should, they’re fantastic) to be the Film Stories website’s featured British Movie Podcast of the Week last week. We’re incredibly grateful to Em for the glowingContinue reading “Film Stories’ Podcast of the Week!”

And Now The Podcast… Has Briefly Paused (Apologies)

Sadly we’re unable to release an episode of the podcast this week, as a few events (plus the knock-on from previous events) continue to put us off our stride. Fear not though, we won’t be long, and are continuing to record things, it’s just that these are segments to be included in upcoming episodes, ratherContinue reading “And Now The Podcast… Has Briefly Paused (Apologies)”

This October… The Podcast Returns!

After several months of quiet, the new series of –And Now The Podcast Starts! is now approaching. New regular weekly episodes will begin to be released from the start of October. Kirsty, Stella, Dan, Ian and Howard will all be returning, with a variety of special guests including renowned horror novelist Simon Clark, expert academicsContinue reading “This October… The Podcast Returns!”