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Revisitations #1: Alien3 (1992)

Today’s panel of hosts have all seen controversial science-fiction horror and follow-up to 1979’s Alien and 1986’s Aliens, Alien3, before.  Ian saw it at the cinema in 1992 and was disgusted.  Kirsty caught it on video as a young adult and didn’t think much of it, but went on to become a huge fan of its director, David Fincher.  And Dan is a full-on Alien fan who’s seen it multiple times in both released versions and knows it inside out. 

But Ian has recently discovered the wonders of its soundtrack music and that’s inspired him to revisit the film and want to talk about it.  After all, this film, after an initial critical lambasting, has gone on to be reappraised multiple times; Empire magazine later wrote that, of the original Alien trilogy, the third film “is seen as the least scary but may be the most daring, shot through with a beautiful bleakness.”  What will our hosts make of it in 2020?

Relevant Links and Availability

Alien3 (theatrical version) is available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray and to rent or buy from YouTube and Amazon (as is Terminator: Dark Fate). The ‘assembly cut’ version is available (with the other three Ripley/Alien films) on the Alien Quadrilogy DVD box-set and the Alien Anthology Blu-Ray Box Set.

The audio dramatisation of William Gibson’s Alien III is available now exclusively from Audible

Episode 2 of Cornwall with Simon Reeve is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer and features the introduction of a rather well-named beaver to the British Isles…

His House is currently available to stream on Netflix and you can watch an interview with the writers on Val Verde Broadcasting’s YouTube channel

Cadabra Records is Ian’s current audio drama provider of choice

Timelines: The Pendle Witch Child is currently free to watch for Amazon Prime members

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