Missed Classics #5: During Barty’s Party (1976)

Anthony Bate and Elizabeth Sellars are the only on-screen stars of During Barty’s Party

You may not have heard of During Barty’s Party, an episode from the 1976 anthology TV series, Beasts, written by Quatermass creator Nigel Kneale.  Ian and Stella hadn’t, when Dan suggested this episode to them.  But Dan insists it’s an absolutely terrifying Missed Classic.  Will Stella and Ian agree?  And after listening to this episode, will you be tempted to seek it out?  And whatever you do, don’t miss out on the real-life horror of Ian’s rat story…

00.00.42 Introduction and news

00.16.05 During Barty’s Party (non-spoiler)

00.51.46 During Barty’s Party (spoiler)

01.20.12 Ian and Dan’s Real Rat Encounters (coming soon to Netflix… or not)

01.33.00 Recommendations

Relevant Links and Availability

The Beasts DVD from Network Releasing has been deleted, but you can still buy pre-owned copies from Amazon and other sellers.  During Barty’s Party is included along with the other five episodes of Beasts (the one about the dolphin ghost is called Buddyboy) and a rather good bonus Nigel Kneale play, the folk horror Murrain (starring James Bond’s original ‘M’, Bernard Lee).

The surviving episodes of the 1972 horror anthology series Dead of Night (including Don Taylor’s episode, The Exorcism) is available on DVD from the BFI shop.

RedLetterMedia’s recent videos about the Friday the 13th series are on YouTube here and here

His Dark Materials: Series 2 is currently releasing one episode per week on BBC iPlayer (the entire first series is also available to stream on the platform)

The Dark and the Wicked can be rented on Amazon in the US, but has yet to be given a UK release date

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