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A quick word about Prey (2022)

I’ve just watched Prey, which is now available for streaming on Disney+ in the UK, Hulu in the USA and presumably other services around the world, so I just wanted to write a few spoiler-free words about how unexpectedly delightful it is. It’s the latest iteration of the SF/horror/action Predator franchise (which we’ve obliquely discussedContinue reading “A quick word about Prey (2022)”

Film Stories’ Podcast of the Week!

We were honoured to be selected by the esteemed Em McGowan of Film Stories magazine and the Verbal Diorama podcast (if you don’t read or listen to either, you should, they’re fantastic) to be the Film Stories website’s featured British Movie Podcast of the Week last week. We’re incredibly grateful to Em for the glowingContinue reading “Film Stories’ Podcast of the Week!”

TV’s The Woman in Black: A Supernatural Masterpiece, Resurrected (A Spoiler-Free Analysis)

NB. This is a slightly revised and expanded version of an article published on The Digital Fix in 2020. “Another person, this time; but a figure of quite as unmistakeable horror and evil: a woman in black, pale and dreadful – with such an air also, and such a face! – on the other sideContinue reading “TV’s The Woman in Black: A Supernatural Masterpiece, Resurrected (A Spoiler-Free Analysis)”