Revisitations #2: Dog Soldiers (2002) (or: Ian‘s Regret)

2002’s Dog Soldiers is a fave for Stella, a ‘like’ for Kirsty and Dan, and frankly a source of personal angst for Ian.  The foursome all get together to chew the fat on it (and somehow never mention that director Neil Marshall went on to be a key force behind our perennial love, TV’s Hannibal).  Elsewhere, Howard phones in for another pick from the Bag of Death.

Oh, and (sinister pause…) Happy Halloween!

Relevant Notes and Availability

(All these are relevant to the UK)

Dog Soldiers is out on DVD and Blu-Ray and can frequently be found on BritBox and All4

It (2017) is broadcasting on ITV1 in the UK at 9pm on Saturday 30th October, and It: Chapter 2 is streaming now via Amazon Prime

Ready Or Not (2019) is streaming now via Disney+

Us (2019) is streaming now via Amazon Prime

Doctor Jekyll & Sister Hyde (1971) and the rest of the ‘Classic Hammer Horror Collection’ are streaming now via Britbox

The Exorcist (1973) is broadcasting on BBC2 at 10.40pm on Saturday 30th October, and will thereafter be available for one month for streaming via BBC iPlayer

Halloween (1978) is broadcasting on FilmFour at 10.55pm the same night (and may thereafter be available to stream via All4 for a week, but you can never be sure)

The Horror Channel’s Universal Monster Movie Marathon includes, on Saturday 30th October: Dracula (1931) at 1pm; Frankenstein (1931) at 2.30pm; Bride of Frankenstein (1935) at 3.55pm; The Wolf Man (1931) at 5.25pm and Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (1943) at 6.50pm.  Then on Sunday 31st: The Invisible Man (1933) at 1pm; The Mummy (1932) at 2.25pm; The Mummy’s Hand (1940) at 3.55pm; The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) at 5.15pm; and Revenge of the Creature (1955) at 6.50pm.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is broadcasting on Great Movies at 9pm on Sunday 31st October.

What We Do In The Shadows (2014) is broadcasting on BBC2 at 10.45pm on Sunday 31st October and thereafter will be streaming for one month via BBC iPlayer.  Also, the TV series is currently streaming via Disney+

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Insane For The Strain

The series’ ‘tame’ promotional image. To see the more controversial image discussed by Stella, click on the link below to our previous TV horror episode

After being introduced to the show via Stella’s American TV horror two-parter last year, Dan is now a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan and Carlton Cuse’s FX series The Strain (2014-17).  In this episode, Stella joins Dan for a spoilery chat about the whole series.  Elsewhere, a pre-recorded Howard is present to pluck another random gem from The Bag of Death.

00.00.42 Intro and news

00.10.46 The Strain

01.09.20 The Bag of Death

01.32.15 Recommendations

Relevant Links

Details of the Horror Channel’s films for Halloween weekend can be found at Den of Geek

Details of WildRumpus’ Halloween film screenings in Stoke-on-Trent can be found here

I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021 TV series) is currently streaming via Amazon Prime

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro runs from 9pm every Friday on Talking Pictures TV (UK Freeview 81)

All soundtrack clips are used for the purposes of criticism, in the spirit of Fair Dealing (UK law) and Fair Use (US law).  No copyright infringement is intended

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Halloween Retrospective #11: Halloween (2018)

FINALLY it’s here, only three years after being recorded!  Join Howard, Dan and Spider-Dan (known on this recording as Dan B), in the pub with Ian Winterton (in chronologically his first appearance on this podcast) discuss their first impressions, in both spoiler-free and spoilery fashion, of David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween film – just in time for the release of his eagerly-awaited sequel, Halloween Kills.

Elsewhere, in the present day, Stella and Dan are joyfully rejoined by Kirsty, recent life stresses all behind her, to indulge in excitement about the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Rob Savage’s new film Dashcam, the trailer for Scream 5, and lots of other things!

NB. Apologies to Patreon subscribers who went looking for the Zoom Bag of Death as referred to in this podcast and couldn’t find it. Its upload was delayed but as of 18th October 2021 it has now been added to the feed.

00.00.41 Intro with Dan, Stella and Kirsty

00.25.11 Halloween (2018) discussion with Howard, Dan, Spider-Dan and Ian (and a bit of Stella)

01.58.45 Recommendations with Kirsty, Stella and Dan

Related Links and Recommendations

Danny Robbins’ new podcast Uncanny is currently available via BBC Sounds

The Green Knight is currently streaming on Amazon Prime (and is also in cinemas)

There’s Someone Inside Your House is currently streaming on Netflix

The Grimmfest Virtual Festival continues until 11.30pm on Sunday 17th October

All soundtrack clips are used for the purposes of criticism, in the spirit of Fair Dealing (UK law) and Fair Use (US law).  No copyright infringement is intended.

(Virtual) Grimmfest Preview #3: Aaron Bartuska on For Roger

This weekend (14-17 October) it’s the virtual version of Grimmfest, giving all of us lounge-lizards who missed the live festival the opportunity to catch many of its filmic highlights from the comfort of our homes.  In this mini-episode, Dan talks to Aaron Bartuska, debut director and co-writer, about his found footage/slasher/character study hybrid For Roger, which has its UK premiere as part of the online event.

All films in the virtual version of Grimmfest can be viewed at any time between 1.30pm on Thursday 14th October and 11.30pm on Sunday 17th October.

Click here to book tickets for For Roger and to watch the trailer.

Click here to book tickets for Father of Flies and to watch the trailer.

Go to the official Grimmfest podcast, Spider-Dan & the Secret Bores, to hear Spider-Dan’s reports from the live festival.

All soundtrack clips are used for the purposes of criticism, in the spirit of Fair Dealing (UK law) and Fair Use (US law).  No copyright infringement is intended.

Visit our website,

Grimmfest 2021 Preview #2

August Maturo in Slapface

The date this episode drops (7th October 2021) is the first day of Grimmfest, Manchester’s festival of fantastic film, returning as a live event for the first time since 2019.  And here is the second of our preview episodes, in which you can learn some details about two of the films screening there – Tarumama and Slapface.  Dan and Stella are here to introduce the interviews.

00.16.20 The first interviewee is Andrés Beltran (@andresbcine on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), director and co-writer of Columbian supernatural horror drama from Dynamo Productions, Tarumama (Columbian title: Llanto Maldito).  Dan spoke to him over Zoom.  Andrés’ short film Vanity Mirror is also showing at the Sitges Film Festival this weekend and details can be found here.  And the trailer for Tarumama (as well as screening details and booking links) can be found on the Grimmfest website here.

00.43.20 The second interview (with Dan filling in for Ian, who had to drop out at short notice due to family circumstances) is about Slapface (on Twitter as @SlapfaceFilm, soon to come to Shudder).  Dan talks over Zoom to writer/director Jeremiah Kipp (@JeremiahKipp), actor/producer Mike Manning (@Mike_Manning_), and actors August Maturo (@AugustMaturo) and Libe Barer (@libebarer).  Booking links for the Grimmfest screenings can be found here.

01.30.28 Recommendations

Next week we will be dropping, at long last, Howard, Dan, Spider-Dan and Ian’s take on Halloween (2018) – just in time for the release of Halloween Kills.  However, if you’d like to hear the review right now – and get access to a number of other bonuses – please consider subscribing to our Patreon.


Midnight Mass is currently streaming on Netflix

The Fly (1986, in the Star section) and every Simpsons Treehouse of Horror are currently streaming on Disney+

All soundtrack clips are used for the purposes of criticism, in the spirit of Fair Dealing (UK law) and Fair Use (US law).  No copyright infringement is intended

Patreon Goodies Are Now Live!

Happy October, everybody!

Our second series is underway, with our first episode of preview interviews relating to Grimmfest 2021 now available and another to follow in a few days’ time. (The hosts’ lives have been in tumult in recent weeks – of which you’ll have an inkling, if you’ve heard the latest episode – so it may be a while before we’re able to get back to a solid every-Friday release schedule, but we will try to keep things fairly regular.)

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  • The finale of Howard and Dan’s Halloween retrospective series (in which Howard, Dan, Ian and Spider-Dan discuss the 2018 Halloween film)
  • A ‘Revisitations’ discussion about 2002’s Dog Soldiers with Stella, Kirsty, Ian and Dan (in which Ian confesses his regretful history with Neil Marshall)
  • A video chat over Zoom between Dan and award-winning horror novelist Simon Clark, going into detail on Nigel Kneale’s Quatermass scripts and the impact they had on the young Simon.

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In the meantime, our next episode will be out soon. Watch this space!

Grimmfest 2021 Preview #1

Kristoffer McMillan in Shot in the Dark

We’re back!  Or at least… some of us are.  Dan and Ian will be your company for the first episode of the second series of –And Now The Podcast Starts!  But fear not, Kirsty, Stella and Howard will all be returning in future episodes, accompanied by a number of great guests.

And Grimmfest is back!  Yes, it’s time again for the North of England’s premiere festival of fantastic films, which, following an all-virtual festival last year during lockdown, now reappears as a hybrid.  It returns as a live event to its traditional home, the Odeon Great Northern in Manchester, from 7-10 October; and then follows this with a virtual festival from 14-17 October.  All the details of what’s on, and ticketing links, can be found at

Grimmfest is the main topic this week, as Ian and Dan talk to the talents behind three of the films.

00.09.53 Director/co-writer Erik Bloomquist (Twitter: @ErikCBloomquist) and actors Amelia Dudley (@AmeliaDudley) and Taylor Turner discuss their American sinister hotel thriller, Night At The Eagle Inn.  Find out more about the film here.

00.39.16 Director/co-writer Conor Boru (Twitter: @ConorBoru), producer Dom Lenoir (@DirDomLenoir) and actor/co-producer Jared Rogers (@jaredrogersword) discuss their British serial killer mockumentary, When The Screaming Starts (we like that title! Twitter: @WhenScreaming).  You can see the film’s teaser trailer and find out more here.

01.20.37 Finally, director/co-writer/actor Keene McRae and actor/co-writers Kristoffer McMillan and Lane Thomas (all three of whom are also producers) discuss their American film Shot In The Dark (@ShotDarkFilm), a unique ‘inspired by true events’ hybrid of serial killer, love story and meditation on smalltown prospects.  See the film’s trailer at their website here.


Marvel’s What If? and The Strain are both available on Disney+.

All soundtrack clips are used for the purposes of criticism, in the spirit of Fair Dealing (UK law) and Fair Use (US law).  No copyright infringement is intended

This October… The Podcast Returns!

After several months of quiet, the new series of –And Now The Podcast Starts! is now approaching. New regular weekly episodes will begin to be released from the start of October.

Kirsty, Stella, Dan, Ian and Howard will all be returning, with a variety of special guests including renowned horror novelist Simon Clark, expert academics Dr Rebecca Williams and Dr Lori Hitchcock Morimoto, and regular friend of the podcast Spider-Dan.

The podcast’s eclectic exploration of the horror genre from any and every angle will continue via all the usual regular features. The team will discover some Missed Classics for the first time (including 1979’s When a Stranger Calls) and take a fresh look at some beloved titles (including 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby and 2002’s Dog Soldiers).

Favourite subjects will be returned to: our in-depth look at NBC’s Hannibal will move on to Season Two (2014) and our Halloween franchise retrospective will finally complete as we reach 2018’s Halloween, just in time for the release of 2021’s Halloween Kills. And Howard and Dan will continue their regular exploration of The Bag of Death.

The team have been recording new material throughout the summer and all material recorded prior to the week of podcast release will be available in advance to Patreon supporters at the Lean and Hungry Vampire tier or higher.

We’re looking forward to rejoining you!

The Final Girls and Boys: Series Finale, Part Two

One of the team’s favourite films of 2020, They Reach, is now on Amazon Prime in the UK

Kirsty, Stella, Ian and Dan gather for the last time this series, to cast their minds back over the podcast so far and discuss whatever comes to mind.  Meanwhile, Howard (who has now recovered from his COVID-19 jab) phones in for another delve into the Bag of Death.

The show will now go on a short hiatus.  We’ll be returning around June to discuss, once again, the best and worst of horror with the choicest of guests.  In the meantime, keep an eye on our webite,, for new content, follow us on Twitter (@AndNowPodcast, @KirstyWorrow, @StellaGaynor, @IanWinterton, @LifeIsAboutFic and @LeeCushingPod) and consider donating to our Patreon page.

(Footnote: Apologies that this episode is dropping a day or so late.  This is due to Dan being involved in an almost nasty accident.  He’s okay, though, and no-one else was hurt.)

We have a sea of recommendations to tide you over:

The Love Witch is streaming via All4 (free in the UK) until 20th April

The Uncanny Hour is exclusively available to Patreon Supporters of the Cosmic Shambles Network

Wellington Paranormal is now streaming as part of the Now TV Entertainment package in the UK

The Handmaid’s Tale Seasons 1-3 are currently streaming free to UK Amazon Prime subscribers

The Margaret Atwood episode of Samira Ahmed’s How I Found My Voice podcast is available on Apple Podcasts

Doom Patrol is streaming via Starz Play in the UK

The Boys Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming free to UK Amazon Prime subscribers

They Reach is currently streaming free to UK Amazon Prime subscribers

The ninth episode of The Battersea Poltergeist podcast has been delayed due to the BBC coverage of the death of Prince Philip

The podcast Tanis is available to listen here

Watch for new of Ian’s new venture on the Cutaway Comics website

Sour Hall is still available to listen on Audible (and Leah Marks and Nicola Redman’s podcast The Voiceover Social, for voice actors and podcasters, is available here

Things We Forgot To Say: Series Finale, Part One

A book that is currently bringing Stella great joy!

It’s time to wrap up the first series of –And Now The Podcast Starts! with a general chat between Kirsty, Stella, Ian and Dan as they reflect on producing 60-odd episodes of horror discussions during a global pandemic, pick out some favourite moments, and add in some bits they meant to say about earlier topics.  More in this style next week, and then we’re taking three months off.

Please note: the sound quality is a little lower than usual this week, as a tight turnaround caused by everyone’s pre-Easter work pressures meant we had to use the Zoom sound recording and didn’t have time to edit it much.

Relevant Links and Availability

Owen’s appearance on Blue Peter can be seen on BBC iPlayer

Women Make Horror is published by Bucknell University Press and other outlets

The Battersea Poltergeist is continuing its broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and the new ninth episode debuts at 9pm on 9th April

Global TV Horror (featuring Stella’s essay) is available from University of Wales Press

For All Mankind is streaming via Apple TV

The Silt Verses podcast is available here

NB. Contrary to what Dan says on the podcast, The Wicker Man (1973 disguised as 2006 version) is no longer streaming for free to Amazon Prime subscribers in the UK.  The 2006 version is available to Starzplay subscribers

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