Halloween Retrospective #1: Halloween (1978)

Fans and historians of the slasher genre, don’t miss this!


00.00 Intro with Dan

03.10 Halloween discussion with Howard, Dan and Spider-Dan

In 2018, accompanied by a number of special guests, Howard and Dan recorded podcast discussions of every single film in the long-running Halloween franchise, but only the first two were actually made public (they’re on our YouTube channel).

Soon all of the remaining discussions will be released as on this podcast feed, so for completion’s sake, it seemed sensible that the YouTube episodes be included too.  And so, here is the first.

To discuss director John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween, Howard and Dan are joined by writer/artist Steve Timms and the ‘ever-Amazing, ever-Spectacular’ Spider-Dan (presenter of the comic book podcast Spider-Dan and the Secret Bores).  The four of them enjoyed talking at great length and detail about a film close to all of their hearts (this podcast is, after all, significantly longer than the film it’s about).  We hope you enjoy it too.

All soundtrack clips from the film are used for the purposes of criticism, in the spirit of Fair Dealing (UK law) and Fair Use (US law).  No copyright infringement is intended.

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Introducing The Podcast

Welcome to our show!

This is the first ever episode of –And Now The Podcast Starts! And it’s not quite the first episode that we planned.

Kirsty, Stella, Howard and Dan had always hoped that they would all feature together in the first episode of the show, but the UK-wide (indeed, virtually planet-wide) lockdown caused by COVID-19 virus has made that impossible. But luckily, the team have been recording eclectic material for months which means that Kirsty and Dan can be your hosts to introduce the concept of the podcast and play some clips from previously recorded material featuring Stella and Howard, so that you can get to know everybody.

Featuring a discussion between Kirsty and Dan introducing the podcast; then a chat between Stella and Dan about the best short horror films seen at Grimmfest, Manchester’s premiere genre film festival, in 2019; and finally a recording of the first live presentation by The Lee/Cushing Podcast, in which Howard, Dan and a live audience at Stage Fright, the Salford horror theatre festival, discuss Dracula AD 1972.

Brian Gorman’s wonderful painting of Dracula AD 1972 lead characters Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) and Lorrimer Van Helsing (Peter Cushing)


0.00 Intro with Kirsty and Dan

32.17 Grimmfest shorts with Stella and Dan

58.00 Lee/Cushing: Dracula AD 1972 with Howard and Dan

Relevant links:

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The Grimmfest website

Director Rob Savage’s short ‘lockdown’ horror film as posted on Twitter

The Van Helsing Mysteries on YouTube (featuring music and clips from Dracula AD 1972)

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