Patreon Goodies Are Now Live!

Happy October, everybody! Our second series is underway, with our first episode of preview interviews relating to Grimmfest 2021 now available and another to follow in a few days’ time. (The hosts’ lives have been in tumult in recent weeks – of which you’ll have an inkling, if you’ve heard the latest episode – soContinue reading “Patreon Goodies Are Now Live!”

This October… The Podcast Returns!

After several months of quiet, the new series of –And Now The Podcast Starts! is now approaching. New regular weekly episodes will begin to be released from the start of October. Kirsty, Stella, Dan, Ian and Howard will all be returning, with a variety of special guests including renowned horror novelist Simon Clark, expert academicsContinue reading “This October… The Podcast Returns!”

The Final Girls and Boys: Series Finale, Part Two

Kirsty, Stella, Ian and Dan gather for the last time this series, to cast their minds back over the podcast so far and discuss whatever comes to mind.  Meanwhile, Howard (who has now recovered from his COVID-19 jab) phones in for another delve into the Bag of Death. The show will now go on aContinue reading “The Final Girls and Boys: Series Finale, Part Two”

Things We Forgot To Say: Series Finale, Part One

It’s time to wrap up the first series of –And Now The Podcast Starts! with a general chat between Kirsty, Stella, Ian and Dan as they reflect on producing 60-odd episodes of horror discussions during a global pandemic, pick out some favourite moments, and add in some bits they meant to say about earlier topics. Continue reading “Things We Forgot To Say: Series Finale, Part One”

Halloween Retrospective #10: Halloween II (2009)

A return to 2018 (oh, those carefree, carefree days) this episode, as we release the second-to-last of our series of Halloween franchise reviews recorded in that year, with our look at Rob Zombie’s sequel to his own remake.  Usual suspects Dan and Howard are joined by regular Halloween guests Spider-Dan (who at the time ofContinue reading “Halloween Retrospective #10: Halloween II (2009)”

Big Finish’s Survivors, Series Nine: the legacy of an apocalyptic TV classic

Please note: this piece was originally written in 2019, but it was never published (mainly because it was too bloomin’ long). Our chat about Survivors in the most recent episode of the podcast inspired Dan to put it on the blog… Most important points first: Survivors is the best series of audio dramas that BigContinue reading “Big Finish’s Survivors, Series Nine: the legacy of an apocalyptic TV classic”

Pandemic Horror: Contagion (2011) and Survivors (1975)

Dan used to love post-apocalypse horror, especially the BBC’s ‘humanity-destroying plague’ classic, Survivors (1975-77).  But he hasn’t re-watched it since COVID-19 hit, as he feared it would be too much like real life; for the same reason he hasn’t seen Steven Soderbergh’s eerily prophetic film Contagion (2011), which has had a new lease of lifeContinue reading “Pandemic Horror: Contagion (2011) and Survivors (1975)”

Danny Robins on The Battersea Poltergeist

The brilliant drama/documentary podcast The Battersea Poltergeist has just completed its eight-part run on BBC Radio 4 (although a bonus ninth episode is due to be released in a couple of weeks), and it’s also available on BBC Sounds and all the podcatchers.  Kirsty and Ian have been raving about it for weeks, and finallyContinue reading “Danny Robins on The Battersea Poltergeist”

Feasting on Hannibal #1: Season One (2013) with Dr Rebecca Williams & Dr Lori Hitchcock Morimoto

NBC’s Hannibal (2013-15) brought to the small screen, and re-imagined, the world of FBI profiler Will Graham and his colleague/nemesis, cannibalistic psychiatrist Dr Hannibal Lecter, after their introduction in Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon (1981) and its subsequent sequels and film adaptations.  Kirsty and (to a lesser extent) Dan have been talking about devoting episodesContinue reading “Feasting on Hannibal #1: Season One (2013) with Dr Rebecca Williams & Dr Lori Hitchcock Morimoto”

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