Questions of Horror #3: Which Horror Films Will We Never Watch (Again)?

Kirsty and Dan ponder the horror films they’ve decided never to go near, and the reasons behind their choice.  Elsewhere, Howard returns – for the first time over Zoom – to delve into the Bag of Death. 00.00.41 Intro with Dan 00.04.55 The Bag of Death with Howard 00.25.46 The Question of Horror with KirstyContinue reading “Questions of Horror #3: Which Horror Films Will We Never Watch (Again)?”

Missed Classics #9: When A Stranger Calls (1979)

Ian, Kirsty and Dan discover as one the highly influential 1979 thriller, When A Stranger Calls.  Elsewhere, Dan rhapsodises about Shudder (where this film can actually be found… it’s on Amazon Prime, too). 00.00.00 Intro 00.06.33 When A Stranger Calls spoiler-free discussion 00.16.39 When a Stranger Calls trailer (containing a major spoiler) and spoiler discussionContinue reading “Missed Classics #9: When A Stranger Calls (1979)”

TV’s The Woman in Black: A Supernatural Masterpiece, Resurrected (A Spoiler-Free Analysis)

NB. This is a slightly revised and expanded version of an article published on The Digital Fix in 2020. “Another person, this time; but a figure of quite as unmistakeable horror and evil: a woman in black, pale and dreadful – with such an air also, and such a face! – on the other sideContinue reading “TV’s The Woman in Black: A Supernatural Masterpiece, Resurrected (A Spoiler-Free Analysis)”

And Now The Podcast… Has Briefly Paused (Apologies)

Sadly we’re unable to release an episode of the podcast this week, as a few events (plus the knock-on from previous events) continue to put us off our stride. Fear not though, we won’t be long, and are continuing to record things, it’s just that these are segments to be included in upcoming episodes, ratherContinue reading “And Now The Podcast… Has Briefly Paused (Apologies)”

Revisitations #2: Dog Soldiers (2002) (or: Ian‘s Regret)

2002’s Dog Soldiers is a fave for Stella, a ‘like’ for Kirsty and Dan, and frankly a source of personal angst for Ian.  The foursome all get together to chew the fat on it (and somehow never mention that director Neil Marshall went on to be a key force behind our perennial love, TV’s Hannibal). Continue reading “Revisitations #2: Dog Soldiers (2002) (or: Ian‘s Regret)”

Insane For The Strain

After being introduced to the show via Stella’s American TV horror two-parter last year, Dan is now a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan and Carlton Cuse’s FX series The Strain (2014-17).  In this episode, Stella joins Dan for a spoilery chat about the whole series.  Elsewhere, a pre-recorded Howard is present toContinue reading “Insane For The Strain”

Halloween Retrospective #11: Halloween (2018)

FINALLY it’s here, only three years after being recorded!  Join Howard, Dan and Spider-Dan (known on this recording as Dan B), in the pub with Ian Winterton (in chronologically his first appearance on this podcast) discuss their first impressions, in both spoiler-free and spoilery fashion, of David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween film – just inContinue reading “Halloween Retrospective #11: Halloween (2018)”

(Virtual) Grimmfest Preview #3: Aaron Bartuska on For Roger This weekend (14-17 October) it’s the virtual version of Grimmfest, giving all of us lounge-lizards who missed the live festival the opportunity to catch many of its filmic highlights from the comfort of our homes.  In this mini-episode, Dan talks to Aaron Bartuska, debut director and co-writer, about his found footage/slasher/character study hybrid ForContinue reading “(Virtual) Grimmfest Preview #3: Aaron Bartuska on For Roger”

Grimmfest 2021 Preview #2

The date this episode drops (7th October 2021) is the first day of Grimmfest, Manchester’s festival of fantastic film, returning as a live event for the first time since 2019.  And here is the second of our preview episodes, in which you can learn some details about two of the films screening there – TarumamaContinue reading “Grimmfest 2021 Preview #2”

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