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Revisitations#8: Alien (1979)

We go back to the Alien franchise again, as Ian and Dan compare their personal lists of five favourite things from the 1979 classic.  We assume you’ve all seen this one, so it’s spoiler-filled from the start.  And if you haven’t seen it, stop listening to us, get yourself to Disney+ and treat yourself to this ageless film!

Relevant Links

The Ghostwatch limited edition Blu-Ray is available now from 101 Films (and our interview with Stephen Volk is here)

The Mist is on All4 until 26th November so hurry and catch it!

It’s A Sin is currently streaming via BritBox and All4

The Crown and Veronica are currently streaming via Netflix

All soundtrack and music clips are used for the purposes of criticism under Fair Use (US law) and Fair Dealing (UK law).  No copyright infringement intended.


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