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Mini Review: L’Orafo/The Goldsmith (Grimmfest 2022)

A few weeks late, we’re giving our first coverage to Grimmfest 2022. Stella and Dan discuss the Italian comic heist thriller with a gruesome undertone, L’Orafo aka The Goldsmith, winner of the festival’s Reaper Award for Best Screenplay.  Dan was unable to attend Grimmfest itself due to illness, but Stella did and recorded a spoilery interview with co-writer/director Vincenzo Ricchiuti and producer Manuela De Tommaso, included in the middle of the podcast.

00.00.41 Grimmfest 2022 and non-spoiler discussion of The Goldsmith

00.15.46 Interview with Vincenzo Richiutti and Manuela De Tomasso (spoilers)

00.26.22 Spoiler discussion of The Goldsmith

No recommendations on the actual podcast this episode, but Dan suggests UK listeners check out All4 which currently hosts a number of excellent horror films, including One Cut Of The Dead, American Psycho, The Mist and The Orphanage.

Stella’s stylish The Shining tattoo


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