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A Ramble About Body Horror

This episode, Dan and Stella discuss the subgenre of body horror: what are our favourite body horror sequences in film and TV, what makes them work, how body horror crosses subgenres and how it’s evolved with the development of FX techniques.

The discussion takes in the following films and shows, with occasional spoilers, so beware if you haven’t seen them: Body Melt, Creepshow (TV), Hannibal (TV), The Relic, Robocop (1987), Scanners, Shivers (They Came From Within), Slither, Society, Starship Troopers, The Strain, Teeth, Torchwood: Miracle Day, Total Recall (1990), The Walking Dead.

00.00.41 Intro

00.05.04 Body Horror discussion

01.44.10 Outro and Recommendations

Relevant Links

Red Dwarf Series 1-8 and 10-13 are currently streaming via UKTV Play

The Exorcist, The Omen, The Relic (as mentioned in the discussion), The Awakening, The Babadook, Don’t Look Now, Host and several other classic horrors are currently available for streaming via BBC iPlayer

The limited edition Ghostwatch Blu-Ray (featuring commentary from Stella) is now available from 101 Films

All soundtrack and music clips are used for the purposes of criticism under Fair Use (US law) and Fair Dealing (UK law).  No copyright infringement intended.


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