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Revisitations #7: Alien Resurrection (1997)

Following their discussions of Aliens (1986) in the previous two episodes, and Alien3 (1992) much earlier, Dan and Ian now take on 1997’s not-much-loved fourth part of the franchise, Alien Resurrection, although the two can’t agree whose idea it was.  Listen as Ian rediscovers a nightmare from literally half a lifetime ago.  The discussion doesn’t dwell on the story in detail, but if you haven’t seen it, beware of spoilers.

There’s also a very off-topic digression about Game of Thrones and The West Wing, but Dan cut most of it out…

Alien Resurrection is available for streaming on Disney+.

All soundtrack and music clips are used for the purposes of criticism under Fair Use (US law) and Fair Dealing (UK law).  No copyright infringement intended.

Check out our other episodes on Aliens and Alien3.


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