Pandemic Horror: Contagion (2011) and Survivors (1975)

Dan used to love post-apocalypse horror, especially the BBC’s ‘humanity-destroying plague’ classic, Survivors (1975-77).  But he hasn’t re-watched it since COVID-19 hit, as he feared it would be too much like real life; for the same reason he hasn’t seen Steven Soderbergh’s eerily prophetic film Contagion (2011), which has had a new lease of life on streaming since lockdown.  Stella and Ian join him in rediscovering these chilling tales and to discuss horror in a time of pandemic.  And there’s another phone call from Howard, bringing The Bag of Death.

Please note, the general discussion of Contagion and the first episodes of the TV and audio versions of Survivors contains some minor spoilers (as well as a spoiler for the opening scene of the first episode of The Walking Dead).

00.00.41 Introduction and news

00.10.55 The Walking Dead opening analysis (includes a spoiler)

00.16.10 Pandemic horror introduction

00.20.07 Contagion chat

00.41.21 Survivors (TV) chat

00.56.50 Survivors (audio) chat

01.10.50 The Bag of Death (with Howard)

01.28.55 Recommendations

Relevant Links and Availability

Contagion (2011) is currently free to stream if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber in the UK

Survivors, the 1975-77 TV series, can be streamed via BritBox in the UK (as Stella mentions, some of it is also on YouTube – but it shouldn’t be)

Survivors, the 2014-2019 audio series, is available to buy from the Big Finish website (they offer the first episode as a free download here)

Dan’s review of Survivors Series Nine (2019) will soon be posted on our own blog page

Waco: Madman or Messiah is currently streaming on Netflix in the UK

End of Days and Two Minutes Past Nine are currently available as podcasts on BBC Sounds

Your Honour (starring Contagion’s Bryan Cranston) is currently screening on Sky Atlantic and streaming on Now TV

The British Invaders podcast is available from their website and the usual podcast platforms (the Survivors episodes are here)

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