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Stephen Volk on Under A Raven’s Wing and a lifetime in the horror business

Stephen Volk wrote Ghostwatch, the 1992 TV play which rated so highly on Kirsty, Stella and Dan’s list of Movies That Scared Us The Most last year.  And Ghostwatch is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Stephen’s diverse array of horror output in a variety of media, including prose fiction: his new collection of stories, featuring a teaming of the legendary literary detectives C Auguste Dupin and Sherlock Holmes, has just been released by PS Publishing.

In this lengthy interview, Stephen discusses these new and old triumphs, and many things that came between them in his remarkable career, including times spent in Hollywood, his work with famed directors Ken Russell and William Freidkin, and what he thought of Inside Number 9’s Ghostwatch tribute episode from 2018.  Ian, Stella, Kirsty and Dan were just thrilled to be able to speak to him, as will probably be apparent to the listener.

Elsewhere, Howard calls in to chat about how life is treating him in lockdown, what he’s been watching on TV lately, and to pluck another surprise horror film from The Bag of Death.

Related Links and Availability

Stephen Volk’s new book Under A Raven’s Wing is available to order now directly from the PS Publishing website (Twitter: @pspublishingUK)

You can follow him on Twitter: @stevevolkwriter or visit his website

Bone Tomahawk (2015) is currently available to stream via Amazon in the UK, free to subscribers

Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe (1940) is currently screening in weekly instalments on Talking Pictures TV (UK Freeview channel 81) at 11.15am on Saturdays


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