True Love for True Blood

Stella, Kirsty and Ian have all seen lots of True Blood, HBO’s steamy vampire romance, and love it to bits.  On the other hand, Dan has only seen a bit of it, but he loved that.  Listen to them wax lyrical and philosophical about why it’s so good (except for, as Ian points out, when it isn’t) and how it compares to the Charlaine Harris books it was adapted from.  And if you’ve never seen it, the gang pretty much avoid spoilers, for once.  Plus, we have another phone call with Howard and Dan as another random film is plucked from The Bag of Death.

Relevant Links and Availability

All seven seasons of True Blood are available to watch in the UK via NowTV

The Hotel and The Battersea Poltergeist are available for listening now via BBC Sounds

News of the World is available for streaming in the UK via Netflix

Byzantium is available for free streaming to subscribers of Amazon Prime in the UK

All soundtrack clips are used for the purposes of criticism, in the spirit of Fair Dealing (UK law) and Fair Use (US law).  No copyright infringement is intended

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