Halloween Retrospective #7: Halloween H20 Twenty Years Later (1998)

Happy Halloween everybody!  It’s the latest episode of our Halloween retrospective, as Howard and Dan turn their attention to the FIRST return (well, third if you count Halloween II as a return… although actually it never happened according to Halloween 2018 – never mind) of Laurie Strode, from 1998.  For the first time, their usual Halloween review sidekick Spider-Dan couldn’t make this one, but his boots are ably filled by actor Luke Richards.  And yes, everybody calls the film ‘H-Two-Oh’, not ‘H-Twenty’, which is the only sensible way to read that title, but the damage done by the original marketing campaign can never be repaired, and it all started with the voiceover on the film’s trailer – as you’ll hear.  Does anybody else wish they’d just called it ‘Halloween 1998’?

Elsewhere, it’s half-term, so Kirsty and Stella are able to rejoin Dan to chat over some news from horror and life, share some recommendations for Halloween weekend – and record a Missed Classic which we’ll be releasing in a few weeks…

Relevant Links and Availability:

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later is available on rental streaming via YouTube and Amazon, and to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray.

H20’s draft screenplay (and several others from the Halloween franchise) can be downloaded from the Halloween Screenplays page of the Official Halloween Message Board

This Totally Deserted Studio (Stella’s Ghostwatch panel with @BAFTSS_Horror) is available to view on YouTube

National Seance (the tenth annual online Ghostwatch-along event) is at 9pm on Saturday October 31st.  Here are links to the event’s Facebook page and the Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains website

Inside No 9 Live: Dead Line (you were right about the title, sorry Stella) is currently streaming via BBC iPlayer

Ready or Not is currently streaming on NowTV and is available to buy via YouTube and Amazon

The Sink: A Sleep Aid podcast is currently available on BBC Sounds

One Cut of the Dead and V/H/S are currently streaming on Shudder

…and don’t forget, UK TV viewers, John Carpenter’s original Halloween from 1978 is showing on FilmFour on Halloween night and is also available to view on Amazon Prime!

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