Grimmfest 2020 Preview #3

The day this episode drops is the first day of the online Grimmfest, and here is our final selection of interviews with some of the creators behind its 2020 line-up.

Dan and Ian discuss the unique teen revenge thriller with a Native American spin, The Unhealer, talking to screen legend Lance Henriksen, director Martin Guigui, co-stars Adam Beach, Elijah Nelson, Kayla Carlson and Branscombe Richmond, co-writer/producer J Shawn Harris, and producer/actor Cristi Harris.  Then writer/director Alejandro Ibeniz tells Ian why he remade classic Spanish horror film Would You Kill A Child? (not ‘Who Can Kill A Child?’, as Dan may erroneously state on the podcast) as the Amazon-set supernatural thriller Urubu.  Finally, Ian talks to British writer/director Charlie Steeds about his blaxsploitation-homaging “Ku Klux cannibals” splatter-fest, Death Ranch.

Many thanks to all of our interviewees: Lance Henriksen, Cristi Harris, J Shawn Harris, Adam Beach, Martin Guigui, Elijah Nelson, Branscombe Richmond, Kayla Carlson, Alejandro Ibeniz, and Charlie Steeds.

The online festival begins today and continues until 11th October.  You can buy festival passes or tickets to individual films here.

All soundtrack clips are used for the purposes of criticism, in the spirit of Fair Dealing (UK law) and Fair Use (US law).  No copyright infringement is intended.

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