Modern TV and Serialised Horror, Part 1: The Walking Dead

Poster for The Walking Dead Season 3 (2012)

Stella did her PhD in modern TV horror, and in this week’s episode she begins to take Kirsty and Dan on a tour of how the TV landscape has changed in the last ten years allowing the genre to flourish.  The trio discuss the state of TV horror on either side of the Atlantic prior to 2010, and go into detail on the trend-setting series that changed everything, AMC’s The Walking Dead.

(Spoiler warning for various elements of this show’s first seven seasons: if you don’t want to know what happens to Glenn, don’t listen to this until you’re up to date! Also, we get into a little confusion over the name of the current showrunner.  In case you can’t hear it clearly, it’s Angela Kang – and not Gale Anne Hurd, who has been an executive producer throughout TWD’s run.)

Next week, we’ll be continuing the subject by discussing the many TV horrors which followed in The Walking Dead’s wake.


0.00 Intro and news

12.26 Main discussion

1.24.13 Recommendations

Relevant links and availability:

The Walking Dead is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

The Vast Of Night is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Unsubscribe is available for rental streaming through Vimeo.

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