The Case For Horror Remakes

Join Kirsty, Dan and Stella as Stella makes her case for why the generally disparaged horror film remake is a valuable and worthy part of the horror genre.  To test this, the trio discuss four key examples of horror remakes from the last 20 years: The Grudge (2003), Let Me In (2010), The Crazies (2010) and Carrie (2013).

Please forgive the teammates occasionally being less coherent than usual, which was down to being forced to record the episode in the morning, rather than the usual afternoon!

Relevant links and availability:

MGM on Amazon Prime – to watch Carrie (1976 or 2013 versions) in the UK. UK TV viewers can also catch the 2013 film at 10.55pm on Monday 15th June on Channel 5.

The Grudge (2003) is not currently available for streaming – you will have to seek out an old DVD!

My5 – to watch Let Me In in the UK

Amazon Prime – to watch The Crazies (2010) in the UK

The Left Right Game podcast

Murder in the Outback streaming on All4 in the UK

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