The Movies That Scared Us The Most

This week, Kirsty, Stella and Dan each present their two scariest film experiences, encountered at different times in their lives, and discuss why they found the films so terrifying, and whether the fear lingers years later.  Prepare for a six-film menu of extreme horror!  What would your choices be?

Howard wasn’t able to be present for this recording, but did offer up 1976’s Alice, Sweet Alice as a childhood viewing experience he’ll never forget.

In addition, Kirsty has news that her husband and ace recordist Sven (@svenworrow on Twitter) is subjecting himself to a heroic and possibly horrific sacrifice this weekend – shaving off his beard for the first time in their marriage.  He’s doing this to raise money for NHS Charities, Stonewall and Black Lives Matter UK.  See the video of his beard-off on Facebook and donate to the good cause if you can!

Referenced works:

Kirsty’s recommendation this week is the podcast TANIS.  Give it a try!

As for the films Kirsty, Stella and Dan chose as their most frightening… to note them here would spoil the surprise!  Rest assured, they’re all available on DVD or Blu-Ray.

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